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A Room to suit every stay

Hotel Florenz has 44 rooms of various sizes, including double rooms, triple rooms and family rooms with four beds.
The Hotel has kept, wherever possible, the Monastery’s old structure untouched, preserving its perfumes, its colours and the special quiet and peaceful atmospheres. It is this ancient atmosphere that inspired us to divide the rooms into different categories: Monaco (Monk), Priore (Prior) and Abate (Abbot), according to the different types of services offered.

The Monaco Room

A classic option, it includes drinks at meals (1/2 litre water, 1/4 litre wine) and change of linen weekly.


The Priore Room

A comfort option including drinks with meals (1/2 l. water, 1/4 l. wine) and change of linen twice a week.


The Abate Room

A luxury option including a welcome basket with typical local products (only for one-week stays), change of linen three times a week. If you book Half Pension with “GOURMET FORMULA”, dinner in a typical restaurant in the Borgo (village) is included.


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