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Mountain Bike Hotel a few steps from Finalborgoi

The Hotel Florenz, the first Mountain Bike Hotel in Liguria, is the perfect structure for two-wheel enthusiasts: for over 25 years, we have been welcoming Mountain Bikers and lovers of outdoor sports from all over the world, offering a full range of services designed for those who want to explore our territory and the vast network of trails that surround it while riding their mountain bike.

If you've chosen Finale Ligure as your destination for your MTB adventures, you've come to the right place: get ready to experience boundless emotions as you plunge into breathtaking highland trails, tackle technical climbs and launch yourself into vertiginous descents. Our team of experts is ready to accompany you on the most exciting trails and along the most scenic paths, sharing with you the secrets of this biker's paradise.

What do we offer bikers on holiday in Finale Ligure?

Our hotel offers all the services you need for your two-wheeler, whether you have decided to enjoy the area with your MTB, e-bike, racing bike or enduro bike: we keep your bike safe in our Bike Room and provide everything you need for cleaning and minor maintenance.

Bike Room

Our Bike Room is the ideal place to store your MTB ready to take on wild trails! Here, your precious two-wheelers will be safe, out of the weather and out of the reach of any attackers.

Imagine a space dedicated exclusively to bikes, where every detail has been taken care of with passion and attention, including 20 electric recharging stations. Like a fortress, our Bike Room protects your treasure with a combination of technology and robustness, leaving out all worries. It is an armoured shelter, locked and guarded by a video surveillance system that keeps an eye on every corner: no unauthorised access will jeopardise the safety of your beloved bike.

In the heart of our Bike Room, there is room for everyone: we have designed a spacious room where every bike and its accessories find their place without unwanted overlap.

Wir lieben es, uns um unsere wertvollsten Gäste zu kümmern: Der Fahrradraum wird ständig kontrolliert, gereinigt und unter den besten hygienischen Bedingungen gehalten.

And when you open the doors of the Bike Room on the saddle of your bike, get ready to ride sheer trails, feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins and enjoy unforgettable experiences: we are ready to share our passion for mountain biking with you and turn every ride into a limitless adventure!

Workshop and Washing Area

At our hotel, bike care becomes a fundamental part of the holiday: here, the art of maintenance is combined with adventure, creating a perfect combination of passion and performance.

If your bike needs special attention, we have set up a small workshop outside the hotel where you can take care of its maintenance and repairs.

We have also set up an area where you can inflate your tyres so that you are always ready to conquer any terrain and where you can dedicate yourself to washing your bike: with a high-pressure jet of water, rinse away the mud and dust accumulated on the trails and make your bike shine with the material and specific detergents we provide to prepare it for new and unforgettable experiences.

E-bike charging station

Need a recharge for your e-bike?

At the hotel we provide bikers with a convenient charging station to ensure that the electric bike is always ready for use and can offer the desired assistance during the tour.

Tourist assistance

Have you come to Finale Ligure to explore Italy's MTB paradise from top to bottom and ride the hundreds of paths between sea and mountain that the area offers?

A multilingual receptionist will provide you with all the information you need: you will find topographical maps and maps of the most adrenaline-pumping two-wheeler routes, as well as GPS tracks of trails and road routes for both professional and amateur bikers.

Do you need to rent a MTB, e-bike, city-bike or road bike? We will be happy to point you in the direction of our partner shops where you can rent all kinds of bikes.

Photo by Alberto Martinelli

Food and Catering

We have also thought of a dedicated catering service for bikers and prepare lunchboxes on request. You will never face a ride with an empty water bottle because we will take care of the water supply before the start!

Photo by Alberto Martinelli

Bike Shuttle

The shuttle service makes the logistics of your cycling holiday easier.

On request, we can provide you with information and contact details on the bike transport service, offering you easy access to the starting points of the most demanding two-wheel routes.

The shuttle service is a great solution for bikers who want to enjoy trails and paths without having to worry about logistics and bike transport.

Our special services


Laundry for technical clothing


Medical and physiotherapeutic assistance on request


Agreements with establishments offering bike and e-bike rental services


Assistance and recovery in the event of a mechanical accident


Information on events and competitions (with registration possibility)


Agreements with local shops for spare parts and technical clothing

How the idea of a Bike Hotel in Finale Ligure was born

When Lorenzo Carlini took over Hotel Florenz in 1996, an old church building converted into an accommodation facility, it was immediately clear to him how important it was to encourage a type of tourism that went beyond the beach season, defying the seasons and focusing on the wild beauty of the area.

Discussing with an experienced local freeclimber, Lorenzo had an intuition: the real future of the Finale area will be mountain biking! The intricate web of trails winding between the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains, the unstoppable passion for the area and the collaboration with other daring entrepreneurs in the area have helped to create a tailor-made bike tourism offer, also attracting world-class sporting events.

Today, Hotel Florenz has become a point of reference for bikers who choose Finale Ligure, one of the most popular destinations both in Italy and abroad for its incredible variety of routes winding between steep climbs and fascinating rocky paths, with breathtaking views opening onto the sea.

Choosing the Hotel Florenz means immersing yourself in the true meaning of MTB adventure. Prepare your faithful two-wheeled companion for moments of pure passion and adrenaline: we are ready to make your experience unforgettable.

For the past few years, the Hotel Florenz has been a member of the FOR Consortium, Finale Outdoor Region, which guides and informs on activities, services, tourist offer and the FOR YOU CARD. The FOR YOU CARD allows you to obtain points for special discounts on products and services purchased, and buying the FOR YOU CARD also means contributing to the maintenance of the trails, cliffs and the Finale area, an initiative to provide fun and safety!

We are waiting for you!